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21 Jan

More choices for moviegoers in Nha Trang

Nowadays, there are more and more cinemas in Nha Trang, offering more choices for entertainment to the people in the city. Many young people now have the habit of going to the cinemas on weekends or public holidays, etc.

CGV Cinema was recently inaugurated at the ground floor of Big C Supercenter Nha Trang, Vinh Diem Trung Urban Area with four modern halls. During the 2018 New Year holidays, a lot of people chose this cinema for their entertainment. GCV Cinema together with the existing cinemas, which are Lotte Cinema (seven halls) and Platinum Cineplex (four halls), have partly satisfy the needs for entertainment of the locals and tourists in Nha Trang.

Reportedly, Beta Cineplex Nha Trang, a cheap-ticket cinema, (located at No.10 Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Nha Trang) will officially open on January 31. The establishment of new cinemas in Nha Trang shows that the investors have been interested in the city’s movie market. “According to our survey, Nha Trang people have a quite high standard of living and gradually form a habit of watching movies at the cinemas. Therefore, building cinema here is a promising investment. We also aim to reach tourists, who are potential customers, because Nha Trang is a tourism center,” said Nguyen Tran Phuong, person in charge of CGV Cinema Nha Trang.

The cinema ticket prices in Nha Trang vary from cinema to cinema, from VND45 thousand to VND85 thousand depending on session times and audience’s age. Besides, these cinemas are having some special offers and discounts to attract audiences. The services and manners at the cinemas have become better. When Beta Cineplex Nha Trang opens, the competition for services, quality, and ticket prices among the cinemas in Nha Trang promises to become increasingly tough.

It can be said that the cinemas have been partly enhancing the quality of spiritual life of people in Nha Trang. The cinemas are located inside the supercenter or trade centers; therefore, it is convenient for many people who like shopping and watching movie in the same place.

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