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21 Jan

Ideas evolved from “Garden of artists” program

The Anam Resort recently held a program named “Garden of artists”. During the days of this program, many artists in Nha Trang gathered and produced paintings at The Anam Resort. Many things suggested themselves to the people working in cultural and tourism sections after this program.

Taking part in the program were some painters of Khanh Hoa, such as Bui Van Quang, Le Huynh, Ngo Thai Binh, Ngo Dang Hiep, and Bui Trung Chinh. All of the paintings created during the programs were given to The Anam Resort. Besides, the participating painters also brought their paintings which were displayed at an exhibition held at the resort within the framework of the program. Many tourists showed interest in talking with the artists while contemplating the paintings. Some of them even asked the artists to open painting class right at the resort.

Referring to the idea of organizing this program, Anam Herbert Laubichler-Pichler, General Manager of The Anam Resort, said that Nha Trang has many talented painters who have not been known. Through the program, the organizers hoped to connect the painters and tourists and introduced the local fine arts to the tourists.

Apart from the “Garden of artists” program, The Anam Resort is cooperating with The Rainbow Gallery to open an art gallery at the resort and an art tour around Nha Trang. Joining the art tour, the tourists will visit the private houses and galleries of some painters in the city. As said by painter Bui Van Quang, many journalists and tourists are interested in talking to the painters and learning about their life and paintings. In the future, the art tour may include painting classes.

Nha Trang has been famous for its tourism but lacked for cultural services, especially in fine arts and photography. Khanh Hoa Museum has not had art gallery. The promotion for art galleries in the city have not been performed effectively and have not been connected well with tourism activities. Therefore, the idea for an art gallery and art tour of The Anam Resort and The Rainbow Gallery should be encouraged. These activities promise to provide more tourism products to the tourists; introduce more cultural features of Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa to the tourists. This will also be the enthusiasm for the painters to create more quality products.

The idea for the “Garden of artists” program suggested many interesting ideas for cultural and tourism activities in the future. The art tour may expand into other spheres like photography and craft, which are expected to offer the tourists interesting cultural experience during their stay in the beach city.

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